[TYPO3-english] No links in sr_feuser_register mails, sent to user

Victor Livakovsky v-tyok at mail.ru
Tue Dec 2 11:59:18 CET 2008

Victor Livakovsky пишет:
> And I'm using TYPO3 4.2.3 with sr_feuser_register 2.5.19
>> Hello, List.
>> I experience very strange problem, which never had place before.
>> I'm using sr_feuser_register, and mail, that is sent to user after he 
>> clicks on button "Create profile" contains no links for confirmation his 
>> registration - just empty space... I cann't understand what is wrong.

I found a reason of this issue. It was in: config.absRefPrefix = /
So now everything is ok :) Sometimes it's better to sleep and solve the 
problem at the morning...

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