[TYPO3-english] Typoscript - enable object if Field1 OR Field2 is true

Ian Solo ian at webian.it
Tue Dec 2 05:48:42 CET 2008

Thanks Tyler,
I did read TSref and experimented a lot before to make my post.
But, sorry, I'm stuck.

I go step by step...

imageLinkWrap.enable is boolean /stdWrap

If I use:
imageLinkWrap {
	enable = 1

It's always enabled ;)

but why If I use by instance:

imageLinkWrap {
	enable.if.value = 10
	enable.if.isGreaterThan = 11

it is always disabled?
I did expect that the condition it's always true, because 11 > 10.

I go on...
imageLinkWrap {
	enable.if.isTrue.field = field_linkimage

it is always disabled. No matter if field_linkimage is true or false.

So... I'm stuck and I would really like to understand this thing.
I guess that it's something related to datatypes (boolean vs string), 
but I'm not sure.

Thanks again for reading and help!ian

Tyler Kraft wrote:
> Hi,
> You have to write two different conditionals
> Look at TSref and the if statement/section.
> hth
> Ian Solo wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Please, how can I enable and object if a Field1 OR a Field2 is true 
>> with Typoscript?
>> Something like:
>> enable.field = field_enlarge // field_linkimage
>> But it doesn't work.
>> Thank you in advance for your hints.
>> Bye!ian

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