[TYPO3-english] How and where to add "Google's Analytic code"?

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Mon Dec 1 21:13:24 CET 2008

>>> page.10000=HTML
>>> page.10000 {


You see the difference besides the numbering?

You always need "value" for HTML orTEXT elements to work.
And "value" only works with the round but not the curly braces as a
container for the value if you want to insert more than one line (even
though you can use it within the curly braces).

If this sounds complicated the following (all valid TS!) examples might

blah.123 = HTML
blah.123.value = My Value in one line


blah.123 = HTML
blah.123.value (
My Value
in more
than one line

blah.123 = HTML
blah.123 {
    value (
My Value
in more
than one line

The last one comes in handy, if you have to add more parameters than just



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