[TYPO3-english] Upload plugin

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at xetpoint.fi
Mon Dec 1 10:20:05 CET 2008


I have tried desperately to find suitable frontend filelist with upload 
form. The problem is that most need 'startingpoint' for page but they 
don't have possibility to set with a form what folder to show from 
fileadmin folder

I installed danp_documentdirs, which does almost exactly as I need,
but it is not supported anymore.

The problem of that plugin is that the upload form worked only with 
Firefox (tested with IE and Opera, where it the upload form didn't work).

It is not a solution to set with TS the folder to show. I should have a 
field to set it like in danp_documentdirs. Sad that it is not anymore 

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