[TYPO3] inline user functions (part 2)

Max Novikov webmaster at lisa.org
Fri Nov 30 11:54:46 CET 2007


      My happiness with custom tags (de_custom_tags) wasn't long,
unfortunately. The whole idea was to put custom tags inside the
content to be processed later with user functions to produce output
needed. It worked... almost.

      I've successfully created tag needed, but during parsing it
somehow kills all the typolinks in the content. Strange part is that
is happens only if there's some user function applied to the value

E.g. if setup for tag processing looks like this:
value = Test
it just substitutes content of the custom tag with 'Test' and
everything works fine. If I use another setup:
preUserFunc = custom_user_function
I receive output of the function, but all the typolinks
are stripped from the result. It doesn't matter if output of the
function is huge html/javascript or simple text. I've also tried
changing setup to HTML and PHP_SCRIPT - result stays the same. It also
doesn't matter if it's pre- or postUserFunc.

What am I doing wrong this time? :(

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