[TYPO3] Problem with realUrl on iis

Brian Bendtsen nightowl at galnet.dk
Thu Nov 29 15:35:10 CET 2007

Melgior skrev:
> There's your problem: your rewrite rule only works on links ending in .html
> and currently typo3 generates  URL's with just directory's, not .html. You
> can do two things: change the typo3 config to generate .html links (check
> the realurl documentation [1] about the filename directive to know how to do
> this) or change your rewrite config to catch all URL's, including the one's
> not ending on .html
> Personally, I use the rewrite configuration below. It redirects every URL
> except from TYPO3 directories (fileadmin, t3lib, media) to TYPO3 so that it
> can be parsed by the RealURL plugin.
> # RealURL: rewrite pages with parameters
> RewriteRule
> ^/(?!typo3.*|media|fileadmin|t3lib|uploads|index\.php|robots\.txt|favicon\.ico)(.*)\?(.*)
> /index.php\?$2 [U,L]
> # RealURL: rewrite pages without parameters
> RewriteRule
> ^/(?!typo3.*|media|fileadmin|t3lib|uploads|index\.php|robots\.txt|favicon\.ico)(.*)
> /index.php [U,L]
> The lines starting with # are just comments btw.
> [1]
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/extension-manuals/realurl/1.2.1/view/1/2/#id3693281
Thanks, now it works!


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