[TYPO3] inline user functions

Max Novikov webmaster at lisa.org
Thu Nov 29 09:15:03 CET 2007

Hello Dmitry,

      Thank you very much! It seems to be the proper solution of the
problem, at least according to the tutorial in the manual.

DDt> Hi!

DDt> Max Novikov wrote:
>> Hello Dmitry,

DDt> <offtopic>Please, reply to news group only. There is no need to
DDt> send a copy to me by e-mail :)</offtopic>

>>       It's a bit more complicated than links overwriting. I have huge
>> file repository, which should be distributed to users according to
>> their access levels. I've seen several extensions which can do that,
>> in theory, but I would prefer to stick to original (pre-typo3) code,
>> since it's interconnected with lots of auto-scheduled tasks, like
>> collecting feedback, statistics, uploading interface, etc.
>>       What I need is:
>> 1. Parse content for link to the file (= custom tag) - parseFunc can
>> do that.

DDt> I do not think you should replace the whole parseFunc, you can
DDt> just replace the tag (see next).

>> 2. Custom tag should be replaced with output from user function. That
>> also seems to be doable with parseFunc, although I haven't seen exact
>> examples in the net.

DDt> You can call your old code from your own TYPO3 extension to
DDt> process a custom tag from RTE. Kickstarter will generate such
DDt> extension with all code for you.

>> 3. Tricky part: output of the user function depends on several
>> variables. I see how to pass variables if they're part of the
>> page setup/template, but I don't see (may be I'm dumb) any obvious way to
>> pass them if they're part of the content. May be there's some way to
>> get parameters from custom tags? I.e. can I somehow define parseFunc
>> to read and parse things like <flink id="12" label="Meeting report"/>?

DDt> I think custom tag may contain parameters. TYPO3 has custom tag
DDt> <LINK>, which has parameters. I think you will get them in your
DDt> extension and extension will return actual HTML code.

>> Can you provide me with just one example/lead on how to do
>> something like that?

DDt> May be this extension can give you an idea how to implement it:
DDt> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/extension-manuals/de_custom_tags/0.6.2/view/toc/0/

DDt> I never tried this extension myself though.

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