[TYPO3] TS Extension Template Replacing an Object

Bill Taroli bill.taroli at billsden.org
Tue Nov 27 23:03:15 CET 2007

I have a site template that uses a series of temp.* library items that 
get included like

page.20.30.20 < temp.classmenu

In fact, I have one portion of my site that wants to replace the above 
reference (which implements a COA with content and a TMENU) with 
another. I first tried to do this in a page-specific extension template 

page.20.30.20 >
page.20.30.20 < temp.linkmenu

But this yielded no output. In browsing the object tree, page.20.30.20 
is missing entirely. I have commented the first line, but now I have to 
unset a few properties that temp.classmenu set but are not used by 
temp.linkmenu (they both set up similar menus but with different numbers 
of levels and properties).

So, I guess my question is... is there a clean way for an extension 
template to unset an existing object and replace it with something else?

For reference, I am working this on TYPO3 4.1.2, PHP4, Mysql 4.1



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