[TYPO3] How to open RTE image links in lightbox (using extension perfectlightbox/slimbox) ?

Tadej Bregar Tadej.Bregar at guest.arnes.si
Sun Nov 25 20:36:58 CET 2007


in tt_news record I want to use slimbox functionality provided by 
extension perfeclightbox. For images inserted in the "Images" part of 
the tt_news record input form, everything is working OK, but I have an 
additional requirement.
I want to use slimbox functionality also for images inserted as inline 
objects using RTE (rtehtmlarea) inside the main "Text" part.

To clarify, in RTE I click "Insert/Modify Image", I choose a thumbnail I 
prepared before, then I mark that thumbnail and click "Make link", then 
I choose "file" and from the directory tree I choose the big version of 
the same photograph. Now, If I want to open the bigger photo in FE with 
activated slimbox functionality, I have to manually edit the source code 
in RTE and add rel="lightbox" to the "a" tag, which represents the link 
to the big photo from the thumbnail. The problem is, the editor of this 
website will not dare to touch the source code.

How can I automate the insertion of rel="lightbox" when making links to 
images in RTE?

By examining the tt_news, perfectlightbox and TSref manual I somehow 
found out that I should use the "ATagParams = rel="lightbox" " somehow, 
but I have no clue how to really use this TypoScript declaration.

Thanks for any help.

Tadej Bregar

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