[TYPO3] I cannot find a rss importer

Nicola Raffaele Di Matteo nrdimatteo at tiscali.it
Sun Nov 25 11:29:22 CET 2007

I'd like to put on pages contents from rss feeds (i.e. from a newspaper).
The content has to be refreshed in automatic (i.e. during loading of the 
I cannot find a rss feed importer that works!.
I've tried tw_rssfeeds, but this has bugs: importing some feeds is not 
able to show all the news (it stops after 5-6 news or less).
I was not able to find any solution in mail list to fix it and I've 
tried to look at the code, but unsuccessful.
I've seen other importer, but to refresh the feed imported all need to 
do something manually!
modulis_rss make something in automatic with cron (not so easy to have 
from a provider), but anyway it doesn't work.

Is there nothing to do well this important feature?

Many thanks for your help.

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