[TYPO3] xaJax: Page is being generated

Elmar Hinz elmar07 at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 24 21:22:49 CET 2007

Simon Justesen wrote:

> Hi
> I am extending the plugin called sk_linklist to use AJAX (with the
> brilliant XAJAX-library)
> However sometimes the dreaded "Page is being generated" shows up a lot.
> How can I detect where the bottleneck is? Does the API provide functions
> for testing?
> All the best,
> Simon Justesen

Hi Simon,

I have seen this message now and then during development, but could always
solve the prob. I don't exactly remember the reason. I would advice you, to
check if caching is working as it should, as a proper configured USER_INT. 


Additionally I would suggest to use an own page type to ship the ajax
response. But xajax_tutor doesn't show this approach and nobody has
published a receipe for this approach.

This may be intersting:





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