[TYPO3] configuring htmlArea RTE in frontend

Morten Olesen mo at idefa.dk
Fri Nov 23 08:24:29 CET 2007

Hello everybody,

How do I choose which buttons to show on a htmlArea RTE in the frontend
without affecting the backend?

Following the guide here;

I got the RTE to show in the front end, I have since been trying ( in
vain ) to affect the buttons shown.

Reading though the t3lib_rteapi code it appears that behavior/looks is
regulated through 7th parameter to drawRTE ( $this->thisConfig in the
example )
how ever regardless of what I try the only way to affect the buttons
shown seems to be through the back end via "Ext Manager" => htmlArea RTE
=> the "Default configuration settings" drop down.

But as none of those setting really fit and they also affect the backend
this is a less than ideal solution.

/Morten Olesen
( sorry to repost - I was informed that my previous post was misplaced )

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