[TYPO3] Formatting dates in label of tca.php

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I found the answer there: http://blog.beimax.de/2007/08/17/typo3-eigene-labels-mit-label_userfunc/


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I have another problem to define something useful as the label of my db table rows in the backend.

I defined a table for an own extension where one field is of type "datetime". I would like to show it, along with the column title, in the backend, in "list" mode.

What I put in tca.php:

$TCA['tx_myextension']['ctrl']['label'] = 'date';
$TCA['tx_myextension']['ctrl']['label_alt'] = 'city,title';
$TCA['tx_myextension']['ctrl']['label_alt_force'] = '1';

which shows me the date as a timestamp instead of a standard "d.m.Y H:i" format.

I found there is a label_user_func option to use a user function to define the label but I'm not sure it's already implemented.

Any idea on how I may get it formatted correctly?

If I chose manually to show (in BE), e.g., the crdate field, then it formats itself correctly, what should I do?

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