[TYPO3] TCEforms and selectorbox from flexform values

Frédéric Hébert fg.hebert at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 18:13:24 CET 2007

Hi everybody !

 For a control access function in Web / Info module, I want to display a
multiple selectorbox from flexform values.
These selector boxes give users the control over which BE users and / or
groups could access to records.

In this function, I display all fields from my table with an instance of
t3lib_tceform class, and getMainFields function.

Each of these selector boxes is made up from a foreign table (eg. :
be_groups and be_users)

This is my flex code :


<numItems index="0" type="array">
<numItems index="0"></numItems>
<numItems index="1"></numItems>


and the same for be_groups table.

For the moment, values are inserted in DB and in the BE form, hidden field
regarding selector box is rendered, filled with good values. But not _list
and _sel related fields.

I've tried to pass to TCEform function, values like this :
title_foreign_record | uid_foreign_record, since it seems to be the internal
manner to do it.

I've no idea how to solve this problem.

 Anybody could help me ?

Thanks a lot !

PS : for those of you who easier understand french language that my very
poor english, take a look at this french list post :


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