[TYPO3] Automatically adding interstitial pages to external links

Tor de Vries hey at tordevries.com
Wed Nov 21 22:23:02 CET 2007

Hello all.  I assist in the operation of a couple of Typo3 sites run  
by nonprofit organizations.  Because of the industry the  
organizations are part of, and because of their ties to the U.S.  
government, we have now been instructed that all links from our site  
to external web sites need to present an "interstitial" warning  
page.  This interstitial page would include a disclaimer that the  
visitor was now leaving Site A and going to external Site B (of which  
Site A is not responsible), with links to continue on to the external  
page or to return to the previous page.

My TypoScripting is rusty, but I am very experienced with PHP, so my  
initial thought was to create a generic PHP page that accepted link  
values as variables in a URL path, and used those variables to adjust  
the links on the page.  Then I'd need to (somehow) add TypoScript  
that automatically modified all external-bound links to link to this  
generic PHP page with the actual outbound link tacked onto the URL.   
That way, the people who edit and write the content wouldn't have to  
do anything but put in external links; the system would handle the  
outbound interstitial page automatically.  Obviously this wouldn't  
apply for links to internal pages, or links to PDF files on our  
server (of which there are many).

My second thought was, "That is a stupid idea, there's gotta be an  
extension to magically handle this situation."

However, I've been unable to find such a thing.  Maybe I am not  
searching for the right terms; I don't know what the proper  
description of this is.  Any suggestions?  What would you do in this  

Many thanks in advance.

- tdv

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