[TYPO3] Why typo iconvs locallang.xml? - SOLUTION

Adam Nojszewski adam at nojszewski.coim
Wed Nov 21 12:32:02 CET 2007

Adam Nojszewski pisze:

I am sorry for spamming :P

> Typo just didn't have lang key for English.

I forgot one change:

in class.t3lib_cs change line for 'pl' (or language you are using) and 
add line for 'en':

     var $charSetArray = array(

         'pl' => 'utf-8',
         'en' => 'utf-8',

Actually, readLLXMLfile in class.t3lib_div chooses $origCharset based on 
langKey, not on xml header. This forces some conversions, even when 
forceCharset is utf and xml file contents is also utf

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