[TYPO3] Form confirmation page

Simon Browning simon at stwdesign.com
Tue Nov 20 21:55:45 CET 2007

Todd Ellison wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm writing my first extension, so this probably won't be the only 
> question.
> My extension is for a non-profit organization who would like to take 
> donations via credit card on their site. I have the form setup using the 
> kickstarter and it is almost finished. I would like to give the editors 
> the ability to insert this donation form as a content element on any 
> page in their site. However, when the user clicks the submit button, I 
> would like to have the extension take over the entire content of the 
> page (removing all other content elements) and ask the user for 
> confirmation. Could someone point me to a resource explaining how to do 
> this in my PHP code?
> Thanks

We did something like this for a non-profit using mailform plus.  We 
built multi-page forms, the last page of which is a confirmation page. 
The visitor can back up if something is incorrect.

We built several html forms for them.  It's not quite as smooth as just 
adding a plugin to a page, but isn't a whole lot more involved (add 
mailform plus plugin, select html form to use). We have most of the 
other fields like where to send the form, which fields are required, 
etc. specified with typoscript, though they could be set on the form 
configuration itself.


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