[TYPO3] problem with modern template tutorial

hartmut achtmalvier at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 20 16:43:39 CET 2007

Your server doesn't seem to make a difference between "page not found" 
and "access forbidden". So it could be a problem with the rights. Try to 
chmod every folder and also the file in the path you want to test to 
777. (on shell or with your ftp-program)
Just for testing. Normally folders have 755 and files 644.


Niko Bauer schrieb:
> Thank you for the reply.The path on the ftp is:
> http://www.earlyhendrix.com/test/fileadmin/template/main/template_1.html
> And no, if I put that in the browser I also get "page not found". So the 
> BE can read the file as it produces a dynamic page as per the template 
> instructions but none of the static files (css, html, jpg) seem to be 
> available to the FE???
> Niko.
>> hi niko,
>> what is the full path to your html template?
>> can you open it directly in your browser?
>> hartmut

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