[TYPO3] Exending Search on tt_news

Marc Scheib | Medienprodukt marc.scheib at medienprodukt.com
Mon Nov 19 18:52:26 CET 2007


I am looking for a way to perform a search on a couple of fields I  
added to the tt_news extension. The desired functionality would  
perform a search according to a the newly added fields "ZIP code" -  
like search for news with a ZIP code entry between 10000 to 15000 -  
and also the checkbox field "boolean". Until now I can figure out how  
to describe the search query towards the mysql database and I already  
added the new fields to the frontend and backend interfaces. I have  
also a template file that adds the desired input fields for  
zip_starting, zip_ending and the checkbox boolean to the default  
tt_news search form.

Now I am stuck inside the tt_news extension: Where can one implement  
the desired search functionality? How can I pass the posted variables  
of the search form towards my search query? Is it smart to implement  
the new query inside of the tt_news extension or should I rather  
start building a new plugin? Unforunately the tt_news documentation  
does not explain anything beyond adding the custom fields.

Please: Has anyone ever tried to extend the search functionality of  
tt_news? I am building upon the latest releases of typo3 and tt_news.

Best regards from cold and miserable Berlin,

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