[TYPO3] Language Change in Sub-Templates

Hanno Sagebiel hanno.sagebiel at tu-clausthal.de
Mon Nov 19 12:26:21 CET 2007


All main pages of our Institute are translated into English (Standard is
German). Only the Pages of the Departments are not yet translated, but
they are going to be.

So it would be nice if you would get the German pages automatically if
you click on the Main-page of each Department. Because they are supposed
to be translated, it is not possible just to hide the page language.

Is there a possibility for an entry in the Sub-Templates so that
language is switching back COMPLETELY into German when entering those
Sub-Pages? I tried the config.LinkVars but it did not work so far. Maybe
I just didn't have the right value.

Thank you for every hint


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