[TYPO3] Documentation about building extensions

S. Teuber traveler_in_time at gmx.net
Sun Nov 18 23:14:10 CET 2007

Hi Panagiotis,

> to make my own templates and now I want to learn how to build my own
> extensions-applications. Is there any documentation about this? 

Of course. I think the following document is still valid:

> About 100 users order books (they fill the ISBN the title and the
> author of the book) via internet and a librarian proccess their
> orders. The users will be able to view the status of their orders. Is
> there any related extension or i have to write my own? 

There are a few shop extensions around, namely tt_products, kb_shop or 
tx_commerce. You can find out about these and any other available 
extensions at http://typo3.org/extensions/

> I 've built a simple application in php pages. How can I integrate
> these php pages into typo3 environment? 

The best way is to convert them into a proper extension. However, smaller 
scripts can be included as a USER/USER_INT object via TypoScript:

In my opinion, porting an existing application to a TYPO3 extension is 
the best way of learning how to implement extensions, so go ahead do 
that. Including existing scripts as USR-objects often is the lazy way, 
you won't learn much from that.


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