[TYPO3] localization: the labels for mailform input fields are garbled when the validation javascript message pops up?

Darko Jr. Gonzalez jkokino at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 19:52:02 CET 2007


I have few input fields. The problem is the popup javascript. The
labels I have in one the fe languages for the website are in cyrillic.
Now when I test the validation form, it sends me back garbled text in
a message window, it doesnt convert the cyrillic labels for each input
field back into the javascript and back to me as fe viewer, it doesnt
do it properly. Is this still a missing feature of Typo3 or I am doing
something wrong?
I use Typo3 4.1.1. I use the standard mailform that is shipped with Typo3 4.1.1
Again, please allow me to note that I am talking about the LABELS of
the input fields, not the goodMess and badMess text.

Thanks for looking. Hint folks?



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