[TYPO3] Is it possible? Could a BE form be defined according to a record value.

Tomas Mrozek mail at cascaval.com
Fri Nov 16 15:26:24 CET 2007

>> There's probably no if/else but I suppose you can list the same field 
>> twice in the TCA, with different conditions, once with "equals" and once 
>> with "does not equal".

> don't you get overwrittem, in particular if you need more than two
> cases?

Yes, the fields would have to be named differently. When I wrote "same" 
I meant "similar in nature" which output is stored in some other m:m 
table, though for each TCA field you would have to have a column in the 
table (even if the output is stored in m:m table, TYPO3 stores record 
count in the column).

But it's difficult to come with any further advice since I don't know 
exact functionality that you want to achieve and don't even know all the 
attributes that you want to store in each table (and subsequently don't 
understand the exact difference in BE forms under certain circumstences).

Tomas Mrozek

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