[TYPO3] pixe_feediting conflicts with tt_news?

Brian Bendtsen nightowl at galnet.dk
Fri Nov 16 11:43:32 CET 2007

Tapio Markula skrev:
> Brian Bendtsen
>  >>> After installing pixe_feediting I can no longer edit my news 
> records or create new ones.
>  > I have the same problem on another site I just tested. If I remove 
> pixe_feediting the problem goes away...
>  >
>  > /Brian
>  >
> I would need more information - what are configurations for 
> pixe_feediting and tt_news.
> What exactly didn't work - edit icons/edit panels had blank page
> or what?
> I can't try to solve problem without exact information.
> I put for tt_news edit panels after each titles, which worked.
> Not tested with edit icons.

I havent done all that much configuration. Here is some of the fe 
editing and news related stuff from template ts:

config.admPanel = 1

#FE editing
tt_content.stdWrap.editPanel.allow = toolbar,new,edit,move,hide,delete
plugin.tt_news.general_stdWrap.editPanel = 1
plugin.tt_news.general_stdWrap.editPanel.allow = edit, new

plugin.tt_news.displayList.date_stdWrap.strftime = %d/%m/%Y
plugin.tt_news.displayLatest.date_stdWrap.strftime = %d/%m/%Y
plugin.tt_news.displaySingle.date_stdWrap.strftime = %d/%m/%Y

Extensions and version:

tt_news			2.5.0
pixe_feediting		2.1.2
tm_topapps		0.2.0
skin_grey_2		1.2.0
kb_skinselect		0.3.0
tm_shared_lib		0.2.2

Pixe_feediting configuration:


"Detailed" description of the news problem:

If I try to create a new news record(from BE) I see a page, but no form 
is displayed.

I can only see the save, save and close etc. buttons on the top and bottom.


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