[TYPO3] Cannot use string offset as an array in lang.php

Celso Reeks typo3 at distopia.com
Thu Nov 15 17:46:45 CET 2007

On 15/11/2007, at 14:12, Tapio Markula wrote:

> Celso Reeks kirjoitti:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I ran into a strange problem in the Typo3 backend.  For some strange
>> reason, now when I try to add content in the "TV Page" module I get a
>> blank page with this error:
>> +++++++++
>> Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in
>> /home/path/path/typo3_src-4.1.1/typo3/sysext/lang/lang.php on line  
>> 280
> Have you added a new plugin. If the plugin does not have proper  
> language
> file and language tools try to find translation for CType, the error  
> comes.
> Editing Web > List you can edit because you don't need the needed
> language label.

Yes, I did indeed install a few new pugins, testing a few Gallery  
extensions.  I removed all the ones I will not use and kept the one  
that suited me best (eco_gal).  This extension has proper language  
labels, which I even have translated into Brazilian Portuguese.  BUT I  
found that eco_gal depends on other two extensions (xtemplate and  
jquery), and these do not have no language files at all.

Do you think this may be the problem?  Or maybe there is some corrupt  
language file in my system?

Other idea: isn't there a workaround for this error?  Maybe a way to  
force TemplaVoila to bypass the error?

I hope I am not speaking nonsense, since I am not a developer and have  
almost no knowledge of PHP.


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