[TYPO3] Duplicate translated records in record browser

Andre Dittmar typo3 at hotbytes.de
Thu Nov 15 17:34:43 CET 2007


If I use the record browser in my own extension to set a database- 
relation to another table (e.g. a project has a person as  
projectleader) with a . In the browser selection, I always see the  
translated record, too. I'm pretty sure that must be a  
misconfiguration by myself, but I can't get it at the moment?

I guess it might be found in the TCA-configuration, somewhere arround  
languageField and/or l10n_mode? Would be helpful if somebody can give  
me a hint where to look or where to take care for.

I also compared the tca.php and ext_tables.php with the mighty  
tt_news, but I couldn't find any relevant (at least for me)  

Best regards,

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