[TYPO3] Direct mail

sd at ixnl.com sd at ixnl.com
Thu Nov 15 12:04:31 CET 2007

Hi Katja,

I uninstalled it in extentions remove completely from server

undo = Went to root page and did history/undo back to yesterday

I thought the permissions were wrong so I just changed the 3 files in static 
to 777

BE looks okay and works fine

I have just activated

Boolean. If set, some debug HTML-comments may be output somewhere. Can also 
be set by TypoScript.

Nothing changes

Hmmm!!! Strange

Cheers Stan

hi Stan,
Did you first uninstall the directmail in the Extension Manager? How did
you "remove it from the server"?
How did you do the "undo in the root page"?
How does your BE behave and sitetree look?
What did you mean in the first message by changing the permissions for
the template?
And finally - you don't get any error messages anywhere? (you could try
activate the debug option - or something similar - in install tool)

- Katja

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