[TYPO3] job request

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Wed Nov 14 17:03:52 CET 2007

Hi Gurus,

(and sorry if this is wrong forum - please let me know the right one)

I need some extra functionality to the extension Login User Tracking 
(loginusertrack). This is a BE Web/"User Track"module, which logs Fe 
user's logins.

There is one specific feature which would be needed:
input field in which you can write the FEuser's username and after 
hitting the submit all the visits of this user would be listed. The data 
is there in the tables already and it can be listed now clicking the 
username in "Login log" listing. But the username is there visible only 
if the user has visited the site recently.

Please contact me if you would be interested to do this "extending of 
extension" and also the price for it :)

Thanks in advance!

- Katja

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