[TYPO3] sr_feuser_register adding field

Murányi Árpád pesz at pesz.hu
Wed Nov 14 15:59:15 CET 2007

>> i had the same idea and i tried all in caps as well, but it does not 
>> work.
>> actually eg. ###EVAL_ERROR_FIELD_last_name### works fine, however it's
>> not all in caps.
> You're right. I'm sorry then I don't know. I did that recently myself 
> and managed to get it to work, but it was new to me and I can't say I'm 
> an expert with sr_feuser_register. Sorry.

no problem, thanks anyway for your help!

temporarily i deleted the row including this EVAL_ERROR_FIELD from the 
template, so i can already apply it.


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