[TYPO3] Is it possible? Could a BE form be defined according to a record value.

mario chiari.hm at flashnet.it
Tue Nov 13 21:22:16 CET 2007


any hint on how to implement the following is very welcome.

Let me explain myself with a simplified example. 
Say I have a table for Sportmen and a table for Scores. The former
includes the fields Name and Sport. The latter a Score field. The idea
is that, to insert a score record, a BE form for Score opens up when I
select a Name+Sport record. This I believe I can do   thanks to IRRE. So
far, so good. The point is that different sports have different ways to
count scores, and I would to see BE form which are defined accordingly.
So, which BE form is displayed for the latter table should depends on a
particular record (value) of the former table. 

Does it make any sense?
Is there within Typo3 anything already implemented? 

Thanks a lot

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