[TYPO3] trying to call some custom code to pass a session into tsfe for access from typoscript... help

Andrew Davis junk at avagraphique.com
Mon Nov 12 20:05:55 CET 2007

Hi I am trying to read a session variable, and have it accessable to
my ts...

we have a cart (different, non typo3 script) that sets a session and
goes back to typo3. Idf that session is set we want a different menu
(HMENU, simple stuff) to display.

But since the session isnt set by typo3, not sure how to get that info
to be accessible by typo3.

we thought to do this:

1. Make an extension that reads the session and passes it to the tsfe.
in the extension is this:

function main($content,$conf)	{
		$this->pi_USER_INT_obj=1;	// Configuring so caching is not expected.
This value means that no cHash params are ever set. We do this,
because it's a USER_INT object!	
		$TSFE["read_session"] = $_SESSION['store'];

2. then in the ts template we call the function specifically

temp.pass_session = USER
temp.pass_session.userFunc = tx_core101readsession_pi1->main

3. then i do a conditional statement to crete the menu

[globalVar = TSFE:read_session = showcase] 
temp.menu_1_t3.special = list
temp.menu_1_t3.special.value = 22,23,24,25,9
temp.menu_1_t3.special = list
temp.menu_1_t3.special.value = 11,22,23,24,25,9

but it doesnt seem to be doing anything. Any suggestions? PLease be

Thanks very much in advance,

Andrew Davis

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