[TYPO3] Cooluri - multilingual support -

Darko Jr. Gonzalez jkokino at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 10:24:27 CET 2007

Hey folks

Question: I am reading the manual and there is: "Q: Value isn't
translated OK. Instead of national characters I get dashes.
A: The problem is with Debian server, that doesn't support iconv
translit conversion very well. The way to fix this is replace all
occurences of <urlize>1</urlize> to <sanitize>1</sanitize> in the XML
A2: Instead of sanitize use <t3conv>1</t3conv> at the same places
sanitize would be used. And place it into the pagepath element as
well. "

I have a multilingual website, russian and english. Cyrillic letters
web pagetitles for Russian and usual latin letters for English. I did
sometesting and seems to work with
<t3conv>1</t3conv>. I place <t3conv>1</t3conv> as a first record in
<pagepath>. Right now I am testing and for all cyrillic letters and
seems that it cannot covert properly
"ј" and "њ". If either of these two is the last character, it is
omitted; if it is somewhere in the middle of the name of the page it
is replaced with "-". Anyone knows how to fix this?

Thanks for looking


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