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Tyler Kraft tyler.kraft at netefficiency.co.uk
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Ok so your trying to alter it in just one individual element? (or do you 
wnat to do it for all elements?)

Lamb, Brian wrote:
> I think that I may not have been clear in asking my question. A few days
> ago I posed a question about what goes in the <title> tag. 
> What I am trying to do now is customize the *header* of a content
> element. I misused the word title in my original post and so I
> apologize. 
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> Hi Brian,
> Sorry but didn't ask a similar question a few days back about being able
> to customise the title?
> Look into TSref about generating the title your self. There are two 
> options that quickly spring to mind, you can use a 
> config.titleTagFunction and write your own script to custom generate the
> title (or alter it as you like). Or you can set config.noPageTitle=2 and
> then generate the title tag as a page.headerData cObject item using 
> nothing  but typoscript.
> hth
> Ty
> Lamb, Brian wrote:
>> Is it possible to add some TypoScript so that I can add tags to the
>> title? Currently if I put "Hello <em>World</em>!", then the tags are
>> converted to &lt;em&gt;...etc. Other than removing the reference to
>> htmlentities in the .php file, can I make part of the title
> italicized?
>> I had original posted this as a tt_news reference but turns out that
>> wasn't a problem. 
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