[TYPO3] TV title

Tyler Kraft tyler.kraft at netefficiency.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 16:01:56 CET 2007

Hi Brian,

Sorry but didn't ask a similar question a few days back about being able 
to customise the title?

Look into TSref about generating the title your self. There are two 
options that quickly spring to mind, you can use a 
config.titleTagFunction and write your own script to custom generate the 
title (or alter it as you like). Or you can set config.noPageTitle=2 and 
then generate the title tag as a page.headerData cObject item using 
nothing  but typoscript.


Lamb, Brian wrote:
> Is it possible to add some TypoScript so that I can add tags to the
> title? Currently if I put "Hello <em>World</em>!", then the tags are
> converted to &lt;em&gt;...etc. Other than removing the reference to
> htmlentities in the .php file, can I make part of the title italicized?
> I had original posted this as a tt_news reference but turns out that
> wasn't a problem. 

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