[TYPO3] RTE / parseHTML: Keep <form> and <select>

Tyler Kraft headhunterxiii at yahoo.ca
Wed Nov 7 17:18:00 CET 2007

its not actually, the problme is that tis  abig system and every newbie 
wants it to come preconfigured to work as best as possible. Use your 
TSOB and look at teh lib.parseFunc_RTE and that might help you figure 
out where they need to be added. You might also need to add them into 
the styles.content set of constants...


Timothy Patterson wrote:
> I have excluded the RTE as the cause of this problem...  It seems that 
> Typo3 is removing these tags after a page is saved.
> Why does Typo3 have to be so difficult in telling it which tags to keep?
> Tyler Kraft wrote:
>> Hi Tim,
>> There isn't an easy one - either read the RTE manual, experiment lots 
>> and try to use custom elemnts in the RTE or start looking at 
>> extensions for the formmail that might help you
>> hth
>> Timothy Patterson wrote:
>>> Hate to be a pest but I really need a solution to this one...
>>> Timothy Patterson wrote:
>>>> Is it possible to have Typo3 keep <form> and <select> tags input 
>>>> through the RTE?  The RTE renders these fields correctly and the 
>>>> code looks good until you view it on the frontend.  The < and > get 
>>>> converted to their HTML encoded forms and cannot be used.
>>>> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> ~Tim

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