[TYPO3] Different HTML templates depending on optional right column

Bernd Wilke xoonsji02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Nov 7 14:20:57 CET 2007

Rickard Andersson schrieb:
> Ah, sorry. That's what I had. So no, that doesn't help.

That's what I hate about TS.
I get no understanding about the different types of elements and which 
one can be replace by another. it is a lot of trial and error :-(
and only on the error I find an explanation for the error afterwards.

maybe joey can find a way to get this together:
	template = TEMPLATE
	template.file < COA/TEXT

anyway else you should be able to use the trial of Tyler (with the 
duplicate markers)

maybe it can help if you define a temp-object for the TEMPLATE where you 
afterwards redefine the file? (Just to avoid duplicate mentioning of 

temp.templateToUse = TEMPLATE
temp.templateToUse {
	template = FILE
	template.file = fileadmin/templates/templates-2column.html
	workOnSubPart = document_body
	marks {
		logo < temp.logo
		topnav < temp.topnav
		MAIN_CONTENTS < styles.content.get
		RIGHT_CONTENTS < styles.content.getRight

temp.maintemplate= COA
temp.maintemplate {
   10 = COA
   10 {
     if.isTrue.numRows < styles.content.getRight
     10 < temp.templateToUse
     10.template.file = fileadmin/templates/template-2column.html
   20 = COA
   20 {
     if.isFalse.numRows < styles.content.getRight
     10 < temp.templateToUse
     10.template.file = fileadmin/templates/template.html

(last try to blame myself on this subject ;-)


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