[TYPO3] redirect of certain urls

Katharina brachipelma at web.de
Wed Nov 7 14:13:18 CET 2007

Hi *,

I would like to redirect certain urls if changing language to
a certain page, but I'm not used to typoscript nor php,
so maybe somebody can help me with that issue?

How can I implement with typoscript, that if the url is like 2.) and
the Language Id
changes to Englisch (probably something like globalVar = GP:L = 1) the
Url should be
redirected to the englisch Version with the URL like 1.) and the other
way round?

You can see it here for the person Beinhofer in englisch:

and in german:

I know it isn't really a nice workaround but I desperately need a 
I would be very, very glad if anyone can help me, I'm not really good
in programming...


Best regards,


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