[TYPO3] overrideId can this be applied in someway to a menu item?

Stephen Bungert s.bungert at metrinomics.de
Tue Nov 6 14:56:27 CET 2007

I have as shortcut to the home page, the first item in a menu, so that 
when you not on the homepage you can get back to it. It works fine, but 
the link is still active which I don't want. and the pid is 14 and not 1.

There are two things I could do, that I can think of:

1: on page load run a javascript function that checks what the pageid is 
and if it's the shortcuts id hides the LI tag link to home page (or 
remove the A tag)

2: Find away of altering the pid that the link sets when clicked on. 
overrideId seems to allow this, but from the documentation it seems to 
apply to all objects. Is there something similar for individual menu 
items? This is what I would prefer to do, does anyone know how it can be 

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