[TYPO3] Indexed Search and Crawler

PEF xx at xx.xx
Tue Nov 6 10:11:06 CET 2007


I want to index foreign domains/url's, but the result is so so.

I've made an Index Configuration which I've placed on a page with the 
attribute "not in menu".

When manually executing the cli from the back-end, the results differ. 
Sometimes all the pages on the foreign url is indexed and sometimes only 
the first page is indexed. Most of the time the indexing hangs!

I've also tried to do the indexing with a cron script, but with the same 

The cron script look like this:
./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh crawler_im 1 -d=99 
-proc=tx_indexedsearch_reindex -o=exec

I've also tried this variation:

... no luck.

The indexing of the internal pages works fine.

Anyone who knows what the solution might be?

Peter Falk

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