[TYPO3] Templavoila and stadard elements

Daniel Ditgens daniel at ditgens.net
Mon Nov 5 16:35:55 CET 2007

Hi there,

I have a question on those translation preferences. I just want to 
disable theses "translate to ..." messages when I edit the default language.

My configurations are:

<meta type="array">
     <langChildren type="integer">0</langChildren>
     <langDisable type="integer">0</langDisable>

<meta type="array">
     <langChildren type="integer">0</langChildren>
     <langDisable type="integer">1</langDisable>
     <langOverlayMode type="string">never</langOverlayMode>

mod.SHARED {
     defaultLanguageFlag = us.gif
     defaultLanguageLabel = US
mod.web_layout.defLangBinding = 0
mod.web_txtemplavoilaM1.translationParadigm = free
mod.web_txtemplavoilaM1.enableCElocalizationInfo = 0
mod.web_txtemplavoilaM1.disableContainerElementLocalizationWarning = 1
= 1

So what should I do now? If I put a standard text on my template, I get 
those "translate to..."-links and if I put the same thing in a FCE, 
everything's fine.

Cheers, Daniel

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