[TYPO3] Mailform special evaluation (Typo3 builtin form validation)

Darko Jr. Gonzalez jkokino at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 21:40:30 CET 2007


Is there some specific reason why the form is not validating on my end with
Typo3 v4.0.4 ?
It doesnt evaluate the email input, I tried these:
*email=input,40,80 |  | EMAIL
*email=input,40,80 |  | EREG: Please enter a valid email address!
Just processes the form and sends out the email.

I searched the changelog, nothing in there that is similar to my situation.
Tried by searching the bug database for the js...that didnt return some
useful info for me?

I follow this of course:

I didnt try dataArray approach though.

Another one: Once I press submit, the form sends the mail, If I hit F5 to
refresh the page with the contact form, it resends the mail again :) Is this
the following bug:
If so, I see that the last version affected is 4.0.4



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