[TYPO3] tt_news - how to show the full news item?

Redvald Hjulstad redvald at hjulstad.no
Sat Nov 3 11:27:31 CET 2007

tt_news could be configured to do almost everything. But I believe that 
the way you do it is one of the most common.

That way you have a list of news (teasers) that link into the entire story.

But if you are after something else tt_news should be capable of doing that to!


On 2007-11-03 08:31:50 +0100, Rob Jansen <rob at myvoice.nl> said:

> Hi,
> I feel a bit stupid asking this - I guess the answer will be simple 
> (making me feel even more stupid ;-)
> I have a fairly clean TYPO3 installation (4.1.3) with tt_news (2.5.0).
> Followed the "Quick Start" section in the tt_news and created a page 
> with news items using the "What to display: LIST"
> Now the news titles and the "more" text below the subheader show a link 
> with the same ID as the current page but clicking on this does not 
> change the view (yes: the address bar in the browser does show the new 
> link). I though I found a problem and started searching the net: there 
> are known problems with RealURI and some other plugins but these are 
> not installed (still, I tried to disable caching and more options I 
> found on the net).
> After some playing around I discovered that the "What to display: 
> SINGLE" option does show the full news item so I did the following:
> I added a second page with the news plugin to display "SINGLE" and set 
> that page type to "not in menu" using the page properties, set the 
> "starting point" in the news plugin on this page and the "PageId for 
> single news display" in the original news page to this ID.
> Yes! Now things work (almost) as I expect: the new page is shown with 
> only that news-item.
> But the question is if this is the way it is supposed to work?
> Or have I just missed the ral solution which is in plain sight ...
> Regards,
> 	Rob

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