[TYPO3] Lower Case "c" Prepended to Bookmarks

Dmitry Dulepov [typo3] dmitry at typo3.org
Thu Nov 1 10:43:16 CET 2007


JoH asenau wrote:
> So - no, it isn't wrong, since it's typolink which is creating the link to
> the anchor _and_ automatically prepends the c to the number so that it will
> be c1234 instead of 1234. This has been changed in version 4 to make sure
> the rendering of ids will be done according to W3C rules. This again had to
> be done, because the output changed from <a name="whatever"> to <a
> id="whatever"> since the name attribute is not allowed for <a> tags anymore
> when using some of the newer XHTML versions.

Ah, I got it :) You are talking about creating a link with anchor to tt_content, I am talking about creating anchor itself :) The original question talked about <a name="c1049"></a>, so this is not typolink's job but tt_content.stdWrap.dataWrap.

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