[TYPO3] RealURL configuration skipping levels in the page tree

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Tue Jul 31 15:19:16 CEST 2007

Hi Morton

I guess it is might be also possible with RealUrl. Dimitry could probably
help here.

Check if it is as easy as in CoolUri. Here you got a checkbox in your edit
PageProperties and if you check it this pathsegment won't show up if it is
in the middle of an URL path. Very easy and straight forward programing from

In your example you only would need to check the cooluri-skip pathsegment
box for category. If you also wanna skip the language parameter you have to
leave "en" in the xml empty - its similar to realurl! But if you are using
several languages this can cause conflicts if you skip the language
parameters if your pathsegments won't get translated or probably got even
the same spelling in an otherlanguage.

I hope you get some help soon doing it with realurl.


2007/7/31, Morten Kjems <mortenkjems at gmail.com>:
> Hi.
> I am using a standard configuration for RealURL and it works fine.
> However the url's becomes very long. So I wonder if there is a way to
> skip a few levels that only works to organize my pages in the back end.
> With my current setup I get this type of URL:
> http://mydomain.com/en/category/categoryname/articletype/pagetitle.html
> I would like to skip the language indication "en" and the "category" in
> the URL so the result is like this:
> http://mydomain.com/categoryname/articletype/pagetitle.html
> Any suggestions on how to achieve this?
> I find the documentation a bit overwhelming so all leads to which part
> of the setup code to work on would be great.
> Thanks
> /Morten
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