[TYPO3] import tables

Ilaria De Marinis ilaria.demarinis at caspur.it
Mon Jul 30 17:21:25 CEST 2007

Sorry I'm checking my correst installation of sk_calendar extension.

I download t3x file from here 
http://typo3.org/fileadmin/ter/s/k/sk_calendar_0.3.3.t3x and I've 
imported in my site.
But I can't create a VCE organizer or location or Target audience in a 
page because of the only possibilities for this plugin are: events and 
In my db all tables exist.

Is there another file to download? The old version was 0.2.1

thanks a lot

Mauro Lorenzutti wrote:
>> I've exported the page with all calendar records and then I've tried to 
>> import in new website
> So, in you export can you see these records?
> Do you receive any error message when you open the export for the import 
> operation?
> Try to go to the "Install tool -> Database Administration -> Check db" 
> to check if your db is ok.
> Regards,

Ilaria De Marinis 
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e-mail: demarinis at caspur.it

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