[TYPO3] cannot login to BE and Install Tool

Walter Jenner walter.jenner at fh-joanneum.at
Fri Jul 27 14:07:20 CEST 2007

Hi Everybody!

I have a strange problem, with my Typo3 Installation on an IIS Server
(Wasn't my choice). I cannot login neither BE nor to Install-Tool.

* I think the Server is IIS 5 on Win2003.

* mySql is 5.0.22

	(should I try MYSQL4 for the sql-mode??)

* php is 5.2.0
	sessions are working, I've tested that already

* typo3 is 4.1.2

The database user has all rights for the typo3 database.

The BE-users I'm trying are existing in the database-table.

The install tool password I'm trying is correct, as I checked this in
the localconf.php. That I don't see the usual hint ("The password you
just tried has this md5-value: ") when I try to login, is also an sign
for me that the password is correct.

I set doNotCheckReferer = 1 as well as lockIP = 0

Another information which might be important: During the installation
empty tables where created, so I inserted a dump from the local

Last not least: JavaScript and Cookies are enabled.

Has anyone an idea? Any help would be apreciated, thanks in advance


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