[TYPO3] tt_news pagebrowser browses all plugin instances instead of only the one it belongs to

Martin Holtz typo3 at martinholtz.de
Thu Jul 26 10:43:47 CEST 2007

Hi Vlatko, Hi Joey,

thanks you saved my day.

I had similare problems - the latest-View was influenced by the pagebrowser 
(plugin.tt_news.latestWithPagebrowser = 0 was set)

I do not know why, but now i found the solution, inspired by vlatkos
question and an solution of joey for an different problem.

I do not know, if there will be better solutions possible, but "it works for
me" *g*

Thats my Solution:

temp < tt_content
temp.list.20.9.0.singleViewPointerName = seite

# that was the default definition
# page.10.subparts.col3_innen.10 < styles.content.get

page.10.subparts.col3_innen.10.renderObj = CASE
page.10.subparts.col3_innen.10.renderObj {
        key.field = uid
        default < tt_content
        # Single-View "Nachricht"
        409 < temp
        # Single-View "Hintergrundbericht"
        498 < temp

I do not know, if you can use this solution with templavoila?

thanks & greetings,

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