[TYPO3] tt_news pagebrowser browses all plugin instances instead of only the one it belongs to

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Tue Jul 24 13:01:02 CEST 2007

> You can see this behaviour here:
> I have setup tt_news as follows:
> - I use a different sysfolder for every tt_news plugin instance

Not for the instance, but for the news entries this instance should show?

> - tt_news instances are created in a sysfolder also. this sysfolder is
> labeled 'special content elements'

So this is where the instance (the real plugin) "lives".
And this is the reason, why you browse through all instances

> - I insert a particular tt_news instance from the 'special content
> elements' sysfolder into my template (csc+automaketemplate) as
> follows:
>    subparts.mainNewsList = COA
>    subparts.mainNewsList {
>      10 = RECORDS
>      10.tables = tt_content
>      10.source = 83
>    }

Since you are using RECORDS, the original plugin still lies in the 'special
content elements' folder, thus the page browser will act as if you were at
this particular page and not at the current page.

RECORDS will just show you content from somewhere else, but it will not
change the page related behaviour, since the pid of the record doesn't
change this way.

Put every instance in its own folder and it should be working.



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