[TYPO3] Configuring php include for plaintext directmail

jcorell at e-p-c-s.com jcorell at e-p-c-s.com
Mon Jul 23 19:42:18 CEST 2007

Hey all,

I have written a PHP Real Estate Listings application that I'm  
displaying on a page using the lumophpinclude extension. That page is  
being used as the basis for a directmail. Unfortunately, the Direct  
Mail Plaintext Template is outputting this:

[Unrendered Content Element: list ]

How can I configure directmail (using TS, I suspect) to render this  
content element?

Also, I'd like to be able to render the PHP application in plaintext  
if the page type=99. How can I test for that in my PHP object?

Finally, I want to remove the image references in the plaintext  
template. What TS will do this for me?

James Corell
jcorell at e-p-c-s.com

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