[TYPO3] Install Tool GraphicsMagic Headache

Nick Weisser typo3 at openstream.ch
Mon Jul 23 16:20:42 CEST 2007

Thanks for your pointers, Michael and Tania.

> one reason could be that you have multiple entries of the same line in
> localconf.php. 

That's definitely not the case as outlined before.

> Another idea is that you probably use open_basedir, but the
> path to GM is not within that range. The GM/IM path is validated using
> is_file/is_executable.

GM is under the same path as the TYPO3 source


All virtual hosts on the server have open_basedir set to
/var/www/virtual/typo3 so this should not be the problem.
Nick Weisser
Openstream Internet Solutions

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